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For 30 years Valerie has been helping companies realize their brand's potential.  For over a decade as the Marketing Director for a Fortune 5 technology company, Valerie energized a $1B global marketing division across the US, Canada and Asia Pacific. For the past 15 years, she has focused on helping B2B and B2C start-ups, emerging companies and industry leaders realize their vision.  She is passionate about focusing on those critical indicators that move the ‘needle’.  Utilizing the Art & Science of marketing, she builds customer centric plans and execution methodologies that not only maximize marketing ROI but allow a brand to rise above the noise.  She loves empowering companies and individuals to go for their dreams.    

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Can you relate to any of these?

I could use help with my marketing plan, website, social media, email campaigns, etc.  

I’m underwhelmed by the results my marketing is producing

How do I grow my database, likes, followers, re-tweets, etc.? 

My sales teams need more and better quality leads.

It would be great to take my marketing team (or department) to the next level.

I need a marketing strategy that will get an investor’s attention. 

My marketing has hit a wall,  how to break the barrier?

What is the best way to spend my (limited / limitless) marketing budget?

Is traditional marketing (PR, Tradeshows, Print, Direct Mail, Radio, TV) important?

What is a marketing automation system and do I need one?

I can’t seem to convert ‘interest’ into sales at an acceptable rate.



Valerie Bishop is the only marketing consultant who ProHealth has hired in our 25 year history who significantly increased our bottom line. She helped us implement an ROI marketing processes that continues to yield massive results even to this day. Her contribution was monumental, and I enthusiastically recommend this big hitter for any company wishing to increase their profits.
— Rich Carson - CEO & Founder, Pro-Health
I have sat in the C suite of a number of fortune 500 companies, including Coca-Cola, Nissan, Delta Airlines, Visa, MasterCard and the Smithsonian to name a few. I have worked directly with the CEO and / or the CMO in these instances. In all those times I have never met a sharper marketing mind than Valerie Bishop. She is bright, thorough, engaging and results oriented. She is a goldmine to any company lucky enough to find her.
— James Rider - Brand Director, David Allen Company