Big or Small, Start-up or Established Company, the same marketing principles apply.  We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs, industry leaders, emerging and recognized brands realize their vision.


Valerie Bishop is a global marketing expert that has been connecting businesses with their customers for over two decades.  Her marketing leadership spans Europe, Asia, Canada and the USA. Ten of those years were at the forefront of the emergence of the technology world as a Marketing Director for a Fortune 30 computer company. Her leadership, strategic skills, and unparalleled ability in client acquisition know-how has made her a sought after marketing consultant for many leading edge companies.  From Professional Services to Retail, she has touched them all.

James Rider is a creative force, highly regarded for his strategic and visionary skills. He has played an instrumental role in developing high profile projects and out-of-the-box strategies for some of the greatest brands of our time: The Olympics, America’s Cup, The Tradition PGA Tournament, Coca-Cola, AARP, Nissan, the Newseum, and Baseball Hall of Famers. He has also headed up commemorative pieces for Congress, the Mars Rover Missions and Presidential stamps. His insights, creative direction and strategic development focus on building a customer centric brand that will stand the test of time.

Two things stand out. First, that a person of Valerie Bishop’s stature would lend her expertise to my company, and second, of all the dozens of marketing consultants I have hired for my company over the years, Valerie Bishop is the only one that knew how to turn my business around. We learned so much from her.
— Rich Carson - CEO & Founder, Pro-Health
When the head of Marketing of Nissan used to introduce Jim Rider and myself he used to say, “Here are the two most creative guys in the world.” Jim made him at least half right.
— Tom Jones, CEO Halo Group - Advertising man of the year, Campaign Director of Ross Perot's historical presidental run
Jim Rider put me on the map as a brand.
— David Allen, Founder David Allen Company, Author of Getting Things Done